Only With You - Layla Hagen

Only With You

  • Release Date: Mar 5th, 2019
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 5
From 8 Ratings


Carter Sloane is famous for one thing: winning cases. He's sharp, astute, and always gets his way. In his private life, he's constantly fumbling his way around when it comes to raising his two nieces.

When he moves into a new office, he just can't take his eyes off the fiercely independent woman across the street. He'd love to touch and kiss that irresistible body.

Valentina "Val" Connor is proud of her booming fragrance company. If only she were half as successful in her love life… Between trusting the wrong men and sheer bad luck, Val is convinced she'll never find the one.

However, the sexy lawyer in the neighborhood with his sophisticated charm and sex-appeal is hell bent on proving to her that she's wrong. Val's senses warn her to stay away from men like him-even if her body is begging her to cave.

But when she finds out about Carter's nieces, she steps in to help, doting on them with love and care. She can't believe that the same man who is usually in control is completely in over his head with the girls.

But as Val and Carter grow closer, one thing is clear to him: He'd move mountains to make her happy, but with Val's career soaring, how can he ask her to commit to the chaos of his life?


  • Only With You

    By ronniej928
    OMG, I love the the back and forth between Val and Carter! The flirting was cute and awesome. Val is a very strong independent person and Carter is a provider and protector. They both have been through so much in there lives, and it’s amazing how they found each other. April and Peyton are something else. April’s spunkiness and Peyton’s shyness is so endearing. I just love them both. I so love their relationship with Val! They balance each other perfectly. This is another fantastic read of the Connor Family!!!!
  • I want moree

    By Ejm27
    Val’s happy ever after was one I was anticipating so much. Life delt her a heavy hand from a young age. And even though love has been hard on her... upon meeting Carter everything went out the window. I love their passion and this book like all of Layla’s always leave me wanting more. Like the Bennett clan. I feel so connected to the Connors... can’t wait for the conclusion of this series so that Layla gives me another family to be in love with. You rock Layla. Thanks for all the laughs and crying sessions you have given me so far. Go get your copy and fall in love...
  • Only With You -Layla Hagen

    By lynn denise
    I received an ARC of “Only With You” and I just have to say WOW! Layla Hagen has definitely done it again - another great book! Her characters are so down to earth and realistic that I keep forgetting that I don’t actually live in their world too. Can’t wait to read the next book in the series and more works by Ms. Hagen.
  • Amazing

    By Angie McGuire
    I think this is my favorite Connor family book to date ( but I think I say that about every book 😘). Val has been the family matriarch for a very long time, and she deserves happiness too, which we finally get to see. Carter is this magnanimous man, with intelligence, sexiness, and a wonderful personality. He's raising his nieces and running a law firm full time, while trying to maintain symbolism in his life. Along comes Val and everything becomes eskew. How do you run a business, work lawyer hours, raise two impressionable girls alone, and start a relationship at the same time? You do it with someone like Val, that's how. These two are perfect for one another, their story is their own, so I can't give the plot with spoilers, bit this book is so worth it. I voluntarily reviewed this book from the author. I implore you to one-click immediately.
  • Another amazing Connors family book!

    By Miller809
    I love the Connors family!! I love Layla Hagen’s books and Only with You does not disappoint!! It’s finally Val’s time to find love. I loved her in the previous books, her family and company always her priority!! Then she meets Carter at a local office shop! Carter is the guardian to his 2 nieces, an attorney running his own business. This book is beautiful. It wasn’t a rushed love story, Carter and Val fall for each other over time amongst their busy lives!! It starts with a connection, flirting, texting, then a date.... and they realize how they make life work together! With love and family and a commitment to each other!! It just warms my heart how Layla Hagen takes readers on a simple journey of love!! Can not wait for more of the Connors!!
  • Layla never disappoints..!

    By Phoenix0890
    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I’ve always waited for Valentina’s story to be released since she was introduced in the Bennett series. And it was definitely worth waiting for! Carter and Val represented so much of what really happens in life when entering a relationship with someone. It is amazing how a story can actually take a piece out of you every single time and leave you in awe. I love the Connor series!
  • Excellent Read!!

    By Kat0206
    I recieved an ARC for an honest opinion. This was Val and Carters story. It was amazing. I give an A++++. Another hit by Layla. Val is the oldest sister of the Connor clan. She owns a perfume company. She meets Carter, a lawyer who is raising his 2 necies. It is such a sweet story. Very Steamy and had such a sweet happily ever after. I read the book in one day. I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait for the next book. Looking forward to Jace and Haileys stories. The Bennett and Connor books are an amazing series. I recommend reading all the books. They are awesome. :) Another home run by Layla