Future Perfect - Steven Johnson

Future Perfect

  • Release Date: Sep 18th, 2012
  • Genre: Social Science
Score: 4
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From the New York Times bestselling author of How We Got To Now and Farsighted

Combining the deft social analysis of Where Good Ideas Come From with the optimistic arguments of Everything Bad Is Good For You, New York Times bestselling author Steven Johnson’s Future Perfect makes the case that a new model of political change is on the rise, transforming everything from local governments to classrooms, from protest movements to health care. Johnson paints a compelling portrait of this new political worldview -- influenced by the success and interconnectedness of the Internet, by peer networks, but not dependent on high-tech solutions -- that breaks with the conventional categories of liberal or conservative, public vs. private thinking.

With his acclaimed gift for multi-disciplinary storytelling and big idea books, Johnson explores this new vision of progress through a series of fascinating narratives: from the “miracle on the Hudson” to the planning of the French railway system; from the battle against malnutrition in Vietnam to a mysterious outbreak of strange smells in downtown Manhattan; from underground music video artists to the invention of the Internet itself.

At a time when the conventional wisdom holds that the political system is hopelessly gridlocked with old ideas, Future Perfect makes the timely and inspiring case that progress is still possible, and that innovative strategies are on the rise. This is a hopeful, affirmative outlook for the future, from one of the most brilliant and inspiring visionaries of contemporary culture.


  • A must read for everyone that wishes to understand the fundamental nature of the Internet society

    By Mcunnyngham
    Steven makes a wonderful, enlightening case for the reasons that the Internet is fundamentally changing the nature of human social organization, largely for the better. For the first time a lay person can gain insight into the most powerful force acting on each nod every one of us today. The core of the book is about s concept called peer progressivism, and I think that peer progressives are today's new "silent majority". If you are a CEO or running for office, this book is especially a must read for you. Steven describes how, fundamentally, people are organizing themselves into highly resilient, decentralized networks that work to advance civilization for the common good in a way that older, top down methods could never achieve.