How to Deliver Outstanding Corporate Events - Chris Powell

How to Deliver Outstanding Corporate Events

  • Release Date: Sep 10th, 2013
  • Genre: Business & Personal Finance


Events are a tried and tested method for businesses, associations and public bodies to reach and engage with their audiences. They are the ultimate life marketing experience. Yet many of you are what I call accidental events planners: It’s not the day job but you are still expected to deliver a high-quality experience, memorable and ultimately rewarding event. No easy task! The good news is that I believe we can all be great event planners. So whether it is a meeting for 20 or a large conference for hundreds, my tried and tested 8-Step Event Planning System (the same one I use to run my own events) will help you deliver exciting, engaging and rewarding corporate events. My key objective is to give you the skills and confidence to run your own events. In short … how to deliver a successful and rewarding event that is packed full of great takeaway memories.