My Pet Monster - Jason Sand, Robyn Torry, Sharon Alfredo, Carl Barcelon, Renell Castro, Kurt Crawford, Jodeci Del Castillo, Killian Duignan, Dawn Garcia, Camryn Haines, Taylor Hipkin, Dominik Ho, Kade Loessl, Rylie Regnier, Maureen Sako, Adam Saxton, Tim Vargas, Hans Vallarica, Harvey Vo, Richard Wang, Logan Willness & Aiman Yaldo

My Pet Monster

  • Release Date: Jan 20th, 2015
  • Genre: Children's Fiction
Score: 4
From 211 Ratings


My Pet Monster is an imaginative book about what a pet monster could be like. This collaborative book began in the imagination of a grade 2 class and the images were refined by grade 11 graphic arts students. Each page has an audio button for you to hear the description of the monster. We know you will love every monster.


  • Marvelous Monster Book

    By Mrs. Boes
    Want to read a great book to your students or share a fun book with your own child? My elementary students and my own boys LOVE reading this book. It appeals to a large audience because of the vivid colors and detailed drawings but what really draws them in is the recordings of students sharing their monsters with the reader. Well done! Can’t wait for the next book.
  • My Pet Monster

    By BSKAZ
    Great work students & teachers. It is wonderful to see collaboration between younger and older students. It is refreshing to see how today’s technology can be used to inspire and enhance learning. I can sense the excitement and reward the students must experience when seeing their creation published.
  • Great job kids!

    By Mr. Feight
    This book shows a great example of collaboration between young and older students, giving the younger students the pride of working with older students and the older students a chance to be a model for the younger ones! I am going to use this book as an example for my current 4th graders when they work on publishing their own iBooks.
  • Kids are authors!

    By cc4543
    In My Pet Montser, the kids’ creative voices come through loud and clear. This book is a colorful and charming example of what can happen when kids create together. I think this will inspire a lot of other kids to write, create, and find ways to share their ideas with the world!
  • Direct from the students...

    By jlandis
    What an awesome example of what teaching looks like when you enable students to be creative, set high expectations, and then get out of their way. Excellent work in designing the project by the teachers and fantastic work by the students. Well done all.
  • Excellent Example of Cross Level Collaboration in Education

    By TraceyBryan
    This book beautifully brings together language learning and art in an oustanding example of transformative, collaborative work. The illustrations are colorful, bold, bright and creative. I appreciate the diversity of the descritptions and forms of the monsters. I can’t wait to read this book to my children with hopes of inspiring them to share their own stories. In addition this will be my new “go to” example to inspire the teachers I work with. I hope seeing how well students at different grade levels work together will inspire more cross-divisional work at my school.
  • Fantastic

    By Jenifer_Gossman
    I love seeing student work - and to publish, awesome!!!
  • Model Example of Creativity and Tech Integration

    By reshanR
    What a terrific way to share stories, capturing creative thinking, and produce a meaningful artifact of learning. There are so many ways to be inspired by this work!
  • Great Collaboration

    By LeadRocker
    Jason and Robyn set the bar high with this wonderful collaborative book! I will be sharing this with teachers across the nation of a stellar example of what children can accomplish when they work together! Great job!
  • Great example of an iBook by young students!

    By mike97223
    My Pet Monster is a great example of what young students can do when they are inspired by enthusiastic and forward-thinking educators. My Pet Monster has great images and engaging audio narration. It’s a page turner! Highly Recommended to young readers, and to teachers who want to see what is possible when students are allowed to imagine real publishing instead of just writing for an audience of one.